Our Mother – Dorothy Georgina Abel

Date of Birth: December 14th, 1956

Lutselke NWT

Our Mother Dorothy Georgina Abel was a beautiful, kind hearted strong Chipewyan woman. Her smile and presence would brighten any room or any dark day. She loved to help anyone in need. She loved her culture, her traditional language and ways. When she spoke, she spoke with integrity, honesty and compassion. Just the sound of her voice you knew she was full of love.

In July 1996 in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, our 39 year old Mother was assaulted which led her to be medevaced to the Royal Alexander Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. She lived her last days while being in a coma, not recovering, she died 4 years later.

An investigation was never done and no one was ever charged.

She left behind 5 children, me (Lydia) being the oldest, 13 at the time I wish I could have done more.

Dorothy and Lydia (daughter)

Dorothy with son, Arthur Jr. and daughter, Lydia

Dorothy and son, Arthur Jr.

Dorothy’s two youngest children.

Today she has 5 beautiful grandchildren and 5 grown children.

To honour our Mother I attended a pre-inquiry for the Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women. At that point I was given hope until I came home and I was informed by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police my Mother’s files had been purged/destroyed. So my little hope was instantly torn away. The system has let me and my family down again.

In closing,

All Murdered & Missing Indigenous Women and their families deserve justice.

Please continue to support and share. Masi Cho / Thank you.