Community Lists

Community Lists

No More Silence has been gathering these names for the past 18 years. 

Abigail Ootoova, 54, murdered in Ottawa,  April 6, 2019.

Adele Rose Mary Matinet, 22, murdered in Atikokan February 2004.

Adrienne Amikons, 14, murdered in Peterborough December 1997.

Agnes Sutherland of Fort Albany, 62, died in custody on February 4, 2018.

Alice Quoquat Netemegesic, murdered in Thunder Bay in the late 1970s.

Alissa Martin-Travers, 5, murdered in Cornwall April 2008.

Alloura Wells, 27, murdered in Toronto in the summer of 2017.

Ameilia Sainnawap, 31, of Thunder Bay was found dead on August 22, 2018.

Annie Pootoogook found dead in Ottawa on September 19, 2016.

Ahshellla Huxtable, 36, killed in a hit and run in Ottawa on September 13, 2019.

Ashley Chantal Mckay, 25, murdered in Thunder Bay on October 30, 2018.

Ashley Mandamin, 20,  of Atikameksheng Anishnawbek Whitefish Lake First Nation was found dead in Sudbury on August 2, 2018.

Ashley Smith,18, murdered in Fort Frances October 2007.

Autumn Andy, 15, murdered in Big Grassy River on June 10, 2018.

Azraya Kokopenace found dead in Kenora, Ontario in April 2016.

Barbara Kentner, 34, attacked by racists in Thunder Bay on January 29, succumbed to her injuries and died on July 4, 2017.

Barbara Loon, 34, murdered in Sioux Lookout May 2009.

Barbara Shapwaykeesic, murdered in Thunder Bay in 1989.

Bella (Nancy Marie) LaBoucan McLean, 25, fell from the 31st floor of a Toronto condo on July 20, 2013.

Bernadette Leclair, 16, murdered in Thunder Bay in 1987.

Betty Anne Cup, 72, of Shoal Lake First Nation was killed on October 12, 2018.

Beulah Peters, 23, of Munsee Delaware First Nation, was struck an killed by an impaired driver on December 2, 2018.

Bonnie Atagoogak, 34 from Pond Inlet, was found dead in Ottawa near the hotel where she lived with her kids on February 1st, 2020.

Carolyn Connolly, 54, her body was found on August 2, 2008 near Sherbourne and Dundas Streets, Toronto.

Cecilia Payash,48, missing since 1957 from Red Lake Ontario.

Cileana Taylor, 22, of Curve Lake dies Feb 25, 2021 of brain injury sustained in September 3 assault.

Charnelle Masakeyash, 26 went missing in November 2015, her partial remains were found in Mishkeegogamang First Nation in June 2016.

Charity Keesic, 19, From Moose Factory murdered on August 2001.

Chelsea Nagokee, 28, of Porcupine, found dead near mall in Timmons on November 12, 2018.

Cheyenne Fox, 20, fell from 24th floor of a Don Mills condo on April 2013.

Chloe Matthews, 11 of Big Trout Lake, her body was found in 2011.

Clarene Rose Panamick, 36, murdered in 1991.

Cynthia Lynette Jamieson, 44 of Six Nations; murdered in Hamilton on June 12, 2002.

Danielle Marie Faye Big George Zaagaategabowik of Big Island First Nation, 23, killed on August 30, 2018.

Debbie Sloss-Clarke, 42, found dead in her room at Gerrard and Sherbourne, Toronto on July 29, 1997.

Deborah Toulouse, 41, murdered in Manitoulin Island on May 18, 2002.

Delaine Copenace found dead in Kenora, Ontario on March 22, 2016.

Delta Makanak, 6, Kasabonika Lake FN,  March 20, 2019.

Denise Katherine Bourdeau, 39, murdered in Kitchener-Waterloo her remains were found in April 2007.

Diane Dobson, 36, found dead in Windsor in Feb 1995.

Diane Marshall, 43, found dead in Toronto in May 2006.

Donna Kabatay, approx. late teens; murdered in Seine River First Nation in the 1970s.

Donna Tebbenham, murdered in Thunder Bay in 1987.

Doreen Hardy, 18, murdered in Thunder Bay in 1996.

Edith McGinnis Quagon, 42; murdered in Minneapolis in 1978.

Elaine Vawn LaForme, 48, murdered in New Credit on Jan 22, 2012.

Elena Assam-Thunderbird, 17, beaten to death on June 1, 2002.

Evaline (Evaleen) Cameron, 19, of Whitedog Reserve was found dead in October 1995.

Gloria Jean Martha Abotossaway missing since 1984.

Heather Pelletier, 30, was murdered in Toronto Her decomposed body was found in May 1988.

Helen Gillings, 19, murdered in Hamilton, February 1995.

Helen Louise Jacobs, 73, murdered in Elliot Lake, July 2005.

Helyna Rivera, 25, of Six Nations murdered in 2011 in Buffalo.

Hilda Agawa, 63, of Batchewana first Nation murdered in June 2009.

Jane Jack, 22, stabbed to death in Kenora on April 28, 1995.

Jane Louise Sutherland, 20, her body was found on Oct. 23, 1984 in Hull’s Jacques Cartier Park across the Ottawa River from Lowertown.

Jeanine St Jean, 42, of Schreiber was found dead in November 2006.

Jenna Ostberg, 21 of Bearskin First Nation murdered by her partner in Thunder Bay on Dec 30, 2023.

Jennifer Stewart, 36, stabbed to death in Ottawa August 2010.

Jocelyn Rae “Joss” Ejihstoda Greene, mother of five, from Six Nations of the Grand River. She succumbed to injuries inflicted on her by her domestic partner on August 11, 2023.

Jocelyn McDonald, 16, was murdered in Kenora  October 2000.

Jordina Skunk, 29, found frozen to death in Fort Severn First Nation on January 31, 2008.

Josephine Sutherland, 38, was found asphyxiated in her apartment near Gerrard and Sherburne on January 19, 1968.

Josephine Thompson, 18; murdered in 1971 – her body found by the railway tracks in Macdiarmid/Rocky Bay.

Judie Thibault, 57, murdered in Thunder Bay in November 2000.

Judy Ann Quill, 33, murdered in Kenora, in March 2009.

Karla Desrosiers, 45, found by her daughter 3 days after being raped and murdered in her apartment on January 17th, 2007.

Katelynne Sampson, 7, found dead with signs of bodily trauma in Toronto Parkdale neighbourhood in August 3, 2008.

Kayleigh Ivall, 14, found murdered in Thunderbay on April 28th, 2020.

Kelly Morrisseau, 27, murdered in Ottawa; her body was found in Gatineau Park on December 10, 2006.

Laura Pilon, 22, murdered in Thunder Bay in 1992.

Liana Mathewson, 44, of Sault Ste. Marie was strangled in 2008.

Leanne Lawson, 23, murdered in Ottawa in 2011.

Lisa Lynn Anstey, 21, murdered in Toronto on May 12, 1997.

Liz Bonnie Sakakeesic, 16, murdered in Cat Lake First Nation in 1994.

Lorraine Rivers, 18, murdered in Thunder Bay in March1966.

Loretta Lavalley, 36, was strangled in November 2008 in Brampton.

Lynn Childforever, 20, died in 2008.

Mackenzie Moonias, 14, of Neskantaga FN was found dead in Thunderbay on Dec 18, 2023.

Mae Morton, 15, left to freeze to death outside Beardmore in 1962.

Margaret Perrault (Bluebird), 32, murdered in Thunder Bay in 1988.

Margaret Yvonne Guylee, disappeared in Toronto in 1965.

Mariah Wesley, 18, of Kenora was stabbed to death in 2009.

Mary Ann Davis, 25, from Manitoulin Island was murdered in 2005.

Mary Papatsie, 39, Inuk missing from Ottawa since 2017.

Mary Peters King, murdered in Thunder Bay.

Maxine Susanne Peters, 34, of Walpole Island First Nation; killed on June 13, 2004.

Melissa Miller, 37, of Six Nations and her unborn baby boy, killed not from far Oneida on November 2nd along with two other community members on November 2, 2018.

Mercedes Stevens, 9, murdered in Kashechewan First Nation, Sept. 2006.

Minnie Sutherland, 40, killed in Hull on Dec. 31, 1988.

Mitzi MacDougall, 27, of Red lake murdered in 1998.

Pamela Holopainen, 22, of Schumacher; last seen in Timmins on Dec. 14, 2003.

Papatsie, Mary, 39, Inuk, disappeared in April 2017, remains found at an Ottawa constructions site in October 2022.

Patricia Carpenter, 14, her body was discovered at a construction site next to Massey Hall in 1992.

Paula Joy Martin, 31, died from stab wounds in April 1996.

Petrina Lynn Whitecrow of Seine River murdered in Fort Frances.

Rebecca Jean King, 22, missing since Oct. 21, 1999 from North Bay.

Regis Korchinski-Paquet, 29 killed in Toronto on May 27, 2020.

Rena Fox, 38, murdered in Thunder Bay, Feb. 2003.

Renee Neganiwina, 26, was murdered in a house fire in 2015 in Hamilton.

Robyn Garlow, 30, of Hamilton, murdered by police on Oct 20, 2018.

Samantha Johnings, 19 months, of Hamilton, murdered on Dec. 13, 1992.

Sandra Kaye Johnson, 18, found dead on Feb. 13, 1992 near 110 Ave in Thunder Bay.

Sarah Jane Wawia Bernard, 43, murdered in Thunder Bay in 1966.

Sarah Mason, 44, murdered in Thunder Bay in 1997.

Sarah Skunk, 43, missing from Thunder Bay since 1995.

Savanna Kakeyash, 23, found dead in her room at Musselwhite mining camp on February 2, 2019.

Savanna Pikuyak, 22, had only just left her family in Nunavut a few day before she was stabbed to death in Ottawa on September 11, 2022.

Shawna Taylor, 37, died in Toronto on August 24, 2017.

Shelley Lynne Joseph, 40, of Six Nations, murdered in Hamilton on July 2nd 2004.

Shelley May Anderson, 51, from Cobalt is missing since summer 2009.

Sonya Nadine Mae Cywink, 31, found dead in 1994 at Southwold Prehistoric Earthworks near Iona.

Sparky (Terri) Johnson, 52, found dead near Pickering Concession Road on February 20, 2022.

Spring Phillips, 26, murdered in Toronto in December 2009.

Susan Asslin, 19, stabbed to death near Dryden in 1974.

Susan Kuplu-Iqqittuq, 37, last seen January 10, 2019 body recovered at Trail Head Landfill near Ottawa on February 18, 2019.

Tanya Andy, 37, Thunder Bay,  March 19, 2019 found dead on bike path.

Talia Carey Tomaselli, 30, murdered in Sheshegwaning FN on August 25th, 2019.

Tashina Cheyenne Vaughn General, 21, murdered along with her unborn child, body found on April 26, 2008, at Six Nations, near Chiefswood Road and Indian Line.

Terra Gardener, 26, was killed by a train in Toronto on May 14, 2013.

Theresa Anne Yakimchuck, 23, is missing from Dryden since June 1973.

Theressa Wilson (Jamieson), 30, was murdered and her body was found in Thames River, Chatham in March 2011.

Therese Labbe, 47, body found in Mountjoy River in October 1989.

Tricia Paquette, 8, murdered in Brantford, February 1978.

Vanessa Tagoona, 29, found dead in Ottawa in 2009.

Verna May Simard-Shabaquay, 50, fell from the 6th floor of the Regent Hotel in Vancouver on September 16, 2011.

Verna Patricia Sturgeon, 33, was murdered in September 2010.

Viola Melvin, 67, murdered in Toronto on April 14, 1977.

Viola Isabella Panacheese, 42, missing from Sioux Lookout since August 1991.

Virginia May Nootchtai , originally from Atikameksheng Anishnawbek, found in a Toronto rooming house in 1988.

Vivian Cada, 53, found dead on June 30, 2005 in apt. at 285 Shuter St, Toronto.

Louise Lorraine Laderoute -disappeared in Edmonton, Dec 29th, 1950.

Jenny Quintal from Lac La Biche went missing from Edmonton in the 1960s.

The names provided here are only a portion of a larger list kept on Missing/Murdered Women and Children of Newfoundland and Labrador. The unique history of Newfoundland & Labrador makes identifying those with Aboriginal background more difficult than other provinces, in that the Indian Act did not come into play until Confederation with Canada in 1949 at which time, Ottawa was informed there were no Aboriginal people within the province.  Clearly, that was flagrant misinformation, but that was an official statement made that has taken a long time to correct.  Aboriginal background is often not recorded in police reports, court records, or newspaper articles and so we often rely on family and community members to come forward to report the missing/murdered person’s ethnicity. The people of Newfoundland & Labrador have often been denied and shamed into silence about their Aboriginal background.

The larger list being kept includes missing/murdered children (male and female). The rationale behind this is that children are still part of their mother, and attackers also sometimes use harming children as a way to harm their mother.

Any additions/corrections to this list may be submitted to:

Name Not Recorded, , 1763, , Murdered, Inuk.

Name Not Recorded, , Aug 1768, Red Indian Lake, NL, Murdered, Beothuk.

Name Not Recorded, , Jul 1791, Charles Brook, Notre Dame Bay, NL, Murdered, Beothuk.

Name Not Recorded, , 1803, , Murdered, Beothuk.

Daphne Mesher Brown, 24, 25 Apr 1970, Goose Bay, NL, Murdered, Inuk.

Sharon Murphy, 17, 6 Apr 1981, Nain, NL, Murdered, Inuk.

Henrietta Millek, 25, 10 Dec 1982, St. John’s, NL, Missing, Inuk.

Elaine Flowers, 20, 31 Oct 1985, Rigolet, NL, Murdered, Inuk.

Joanna Andersen, 70, 21 May 1991, Nain, NL, Murdered, Inuk.

Deidre Marie Michelin, 21, 20 Jan 1993, Rigolet, NL, Murdered, Inuk.

Marguerite Dyson, 51, 4 Nov 1996, St. John’s, NL, Murdered, Labrador Métis.

Judy Ann Benoit Ogden, 25, 24 Jun 1997, Port-au-Port, NL, Murdered, Mi’kmaq.

Serena Colson, 26, 28 Feb 2002, Bedford, NS (of NL), Murdered, Mi’kmaq.

Yvonne Elizabeth King, 40, 13 Oct 2002, Fox Harbour, NL, Missing, Mi’kmaq.

Mary Susan Evans-Harlick, 24, 11 Dec 2002, St. John’s, NL, Murdered, Inuk.

Anne Maria Lucas, 56, 21 Sep 2003, Stephenville, NL, Murdered, Mi’kmaq.

Sarah Obed, 45, 1 Aug 2005, Nain, NL, Murdered, Inuk.

Kimberly Jararuse, 20, 14 Jan 2010, Nain, NL, Murdered, Inuk.

Stephanie Cormier Chaisson, 49, 26 Mar 2012, Stephenville, NL, Murdered, French Mi’kmaq.

Bernice Joan Rich, 21, 14 Jun 2013, Sheshatshiu, NL, Murdered, Innu.

Loretta Saunders, 26, 13 Feb 2014, Halifax, NS (of Goose Bay), Murdered, Inuk.

This page is dedicated to providing information about missing and or murdered First Nations, Inuit and Métis, Two Spirit, or trans identified people. We would like to expand the dialogue and focus on MMIW to include those who fall outside of Euro-centric male/female gender and sexuality binaries.

Gender based violence also impacts Indigenous women and Indigenous people who are part of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, transsexual, queer, questioning intersex, and asexual (LGBTTQQIA) community. LGBTTQQIA people often don’t fit gender binaries, or other Western categories of relationships and identities dictated by mainstream culture and as a result experience increased amounts of violence. This has resulted in the continuance of hundreds, if not thousands of disappearances and deaths across these lands.

Any additions/updates can be submitted to:


Colten Pratt, last seen Nov 15th, 2014.


Alloura Wells

Edward Denecheze

Divas Boulanger

Rose (Kelvin) Osborne

Charlene Two Hearts, Sagkeeng First Nation

Derek Boubard, Sagkeeng First Nation

(Edgar) Gordon Badger, age 38 murdered, Opaskwayak Cree Nation


Work on this community database has already started, but there is a lot more to be done. As this project seeks to be independent from government and institutional funding, your support is even more critical in making this possible. Honour MMIW (missing and murdered Indigenous women, trans and two-spirited people), and their families by supporting a new way to document their loved ones passing. Make your secure online donation now by clicking on the button below. 

We thank the Crossroads United Church (Kingston, Ontario) for their donation to help us purchase a computer that is used for the purposes of maintaining this website/database. 

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We are currently working locally to contact people and/or forming teams with people who have been documenting missing and murdered Indigenous women, girls, Two Spirit and Trans people in their regions. 

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